How to download a Picture or Set ?

Singel Picture:

Click on the thumnail and the picture wil open in a lightbox.

Click right and Save as.


Set Dowload:

For a lot of browsers is an add-on avalible for free.

Goole for "image downloader or Photo downloader"

I`m using firefox "Download All Images"

How it works for me after install?


I click on download all images.

Let the add-on scan.

Set level to 2, not for this site but for forums.

By file size i have a min of 200000.

Only have to do it once.


After the scan is done, you can click on Gallery.

You can select which pictures you want or not.

 Click on download and it wil save the gallery in a .zip file to you download directory.

Wait for all windows to close or download wil not be succes full.

Make so now and than a click on the advertising to keep site free.